May 012013

I’m currently looking into restarting and updating this site. I have some plans but I will take some time to implement them.

Plans include adding mod info to

More to come…

Jul 022012

This site is currently on a hiatus. My Minecraft gaming experience is now more focussed on modded gameplay.

I added a lot of mods to make Minecraft more technical and automated. More info coming soon…

The block, item and mob database will not be updated at least until 1.3 hits, maybe it will take even more time.

Mar 022012

As promised Jeb has released Minecraft 1.2. This introduces all the changes made in the snapshots and a lot of bug fixes. Most notable changes include a new world format (Anvil), a new biome (Jungle) , new mobs (Ocelot, Cat and Iron Golem) and a new AI.

Update: Since the initial 1.2.1 release, Jeb has released 2 bug fix releases (1.2.2 and 1.2.3)

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Feb 292012

It was just a small tweet by Jeb_, but 1.2 Preview has been released. I will be followed by 1.2 (or 1.2.1 if any bugs surface) tomorrow. So no 12w09a snapshot, but a full release.

There are no changelogs or details available at the moment. But there is a new block and lots of bug fixes since 12w08a (Jeb’s Tweet).

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Feb 292012

In a surprising twist, the most popular adaptation of the Minecraft server, the bukkit project, is now part of Mojang. All bukkit developers are now Mojang staff and will start work on the new server and / or mod API.

The news was announced by Jeb  and EvilSeph on the Mojang and Bukkit site. EvilSeph has since posted a FAQ on the implications of this change.

It looks like there will be a transition period and Bukkit will be maintained during this period. The new API will be written from scratch for Mojang and will most likely NOT be Open Source.

Apparently Mojang spoke with a lot of Minecraft addon developers and settled on bukkit (and not Spout or MCP).

Feb 242012

After the introduction of the Anvil format last week, this weeks snapshot focuses on the lighting system. The underground lighting is fixed. However chunks generated with 12w07b are not refreshed and the lights remain as they where. This is the risk when being on the bleeding edge.

12w08a also adds a new mob: the Iron Golem. It acts as a village guard, killing Zombies when they invade at night. Another neat feature is upside down stairs, although they are a bit hard to place

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Feb 162012

An interesting announcement this week: the 7th weekly snapshot of 2012 introduces a new world format to Minecraft: Anvil. Key feature is the new world height of 256.

Also included is an increase of block ID’s to 4096.

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Under Construction

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Nov 142011

This site is still under heavy construction.

I am in the process of adding all minecraft blocks, items and mobs as content.

For the time being I still need to do a lot of testing. Therefore all information about the minecraft items and mobs should be checked. I am using placeholders and templates so the information is most likely incomplete or not correct.

Complete information and content will be up ASAP.

Thank you for the patience,


Sep 142011

Information about the Minecraft 1.8 patch, also known as the Adventure Update

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Mojang on Twitter

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Aug 122011

Follow Jeb (lead programmer), Mollstam (website) and Notch (the boss) on twitter

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