Feb 292012

It was just a small tweet by Jeb_, but 1.2 Preview has been released. I will be followed by 1.2 (or 1.2.1 if any bugs surface) tomorrow. So no 12w09a snapshot, but a full release.

There are no changelogs or details available at the moment. But there is a new block and lots of bug fixes since 12w08a (Jeb’s Tweet).

After some flying around in a freshly generated map, these are the changes I found

  • Upside down slabs have been added
  • There is a new stone block
  • Debug info now shows what biome you are in
  • Trees in swamps seem to be fixed
  • Surface lava pools now generate in Jungle biomes
  • The camera controls are gone, this was a mistake apparently.
  • Crafting Slabs the result is 6 slabs now (was 3) and crafting Ladders now yields 3 (was 2)

And these where the bugs:

  • There is still something not quite right with the lighting. On several occasions I saw dark spots on the map surface. These seem to be corners, mostly in pools, that are not lit. Going in close solves the glitch (no need to place a block).
  • Clouds are still at level 130, don’t know if this is intentional.
  • Large trees still do not generate. Don’t know if this is intentional since the Jungle biome now has large trees. You can still grow large trees though, so the code is there.
More details tomorrow (March 1st 2012), as the final 1.2 is released (hopefully).

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