Sep 142011

Information about the Minecraft 1.8 patch, also known as the Adventure Update

Minecraft Patch 1.8 has been officially released. The first update (1.8.1) has been released since.

Fixes in 1.8.1 (September 15)

  • Shift clicking a full chest or dispenser does not crash the game anymore

Creative Mode

  • Players can fly by double tapping the space bar
  • Unlimited resources: all blocks are available through then new Unlimited Item Selection Screen

New Blocks (by ID)

New Items (by ID)

New Mobs

New Biomes

Biomes are much larger in 1.8 and are now fractal-based

  • Mushroom Biome (?)
  • Ocean Biome: deeper and larger oceans
  • Mountain Biome: higher and more distinct mountains
  • Swamp Biome: include vines and lots of water
  • Taiga Biome -> removed until 1.9

Rivers now flow between biomes

Gameplay Changes

  • Hunger was added to the game. New hunger bar was added. The armor bar is now above the hearts bar.
  • Food now contributes to hunger (raising the hunger bar). When the hunger bar is above 80% the player will heal half a heart every 5 seconds. Food is now stackable (?)
  • New combat mechanics: bows can now be charged, critical hits and block are introduced
  • Mobs will now try to flee when attacked. Mobs also interact more
  • Clouds are now on the top of the map. They no longer pass through buildings. Movement also syncs with time
  • Pumpkins and Melons can be farmed and spread through stems
  • Zombies now drop Rotten Flesh
  • Leaf blocks placed by players no longer decay
  • Fence gates are included now. Also, pressure plates can now be placed on fences (to form tables)

Landscape Changes

  • NPC Villages with farms and town borders (optional)
  • Strongholds
  • Underground Ravines
  • Abandoned Mine Shafts with Cobweb


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