Feb 162012

An interesting announcement this week: the 7th weekly snapshot of 2012 introduces a new world format to Minecraft: Anvil. Key feature is the new world height of 256.

Also included is an increase of block ID’s to 4096.

Frequent (Creative) builders with ambition will tell you the one problem they face every build: will the building fit in their Minecraft map. Although partly solved with the introduction of the Superflat map type, this problem is now a thing of the past. The new Minecraft world format increases the height limit from 128 to 256. Called Anvil this format introduces a new savegame format, large changes to the world engine and expands block ID’s to 4096.

Jeb is also working on the lighting code. And that is also the biggest bug in snapshot 12w07b: world lighting, especially underground, is badly broken.

Other features in the snapshot:

  • A redstone lamp was added (block ID 123 and 124)
  • Villagers repopulate villages
  • All animals use the new AI system

Bugs in this snapshot:

  • World lighting does not work
  • Caves do not generate
  • There are no trees in Taiga biomes
  • The nether height is also increased, but generation is not so there is still a bedrock top at layer 128

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