Feb 242012

After the introduction of the Anvil format last week, this weeks snapshot focuses on the lighting system. The underground lighting is fixed. However chunks generated with 12w07b are not refreshed and the lights remain as they where. This is the risk when being on the bleeding edge.

12w08a also adds a new mob: the Iron Golem. It acts as a village guard, killing Zombies when they invade at night. Another neat feature is upside down stairs, although they are a bit hard to place

More features:

  • (Redstone) torches can now be placed on top of glass
  • Cave generation is fixed (so is The End)
  • Camera controls were added

Some bugs:

  • Lighting is very unpredictable, especially above a height of 128
  • Big Trees, Birches and Pines are now very rare
  • Camera controls are not bindable and can interfere with custom defined keys
  • There are not Giant Mushrooms in Mushroom Biomes, only small ones


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